After his graduation in applied physics at Delft University of Technology, Michiel Zaaijer joined the Electrical Engineering department to work as a researcher in the field of radio navigation. Subjects of his research at the navigation group included the application of GPS and MLS for approach and landing of aircraft. In 1999 Michiel joined the wind energy community. He researched various aspects of offshore wind farms, such as: support structures and loading, foundations and dynamics, operation and maintenance, life cycle costs of electricity and nacelle layouts. Currently he combines his knowledge in these various fields to improve muti-disciplinary design of offshore wind farms. His research is performed in contribution to projects for the European Commission and the Dutch Government, amongst which: DOWEC, OWTES and Icorass. He was involved in the initiation and management of WE@Sea, PhD@Sea, Upwind, Innwind and FLOW. From 2013 until 2017 he was scientific director and advisor of the Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation ‘Wind op Zee’. Michiel made and taught various courses, such as ‘Introduction to wind energy’, ‘Offshore wind farm design’ and ‘Wind turbine design’, as well as the industry course ‘Technology of offshore wind energy’. He also supervised many student projects, PhD researchers and Postdocs.


  • PhD in wind energy, 2013

    Delft University of Technology

  • MSc in Applied Physics, 1993

    Delft University of Technology