Talk at the EERA DeepWind conference 2022

Omar Ibrahim

Omar Ibrahim (ESR10) made it virtually to the EERA DeepWind conference in Trondheim 19-21 January, 2022! This conference is an international event aiming to present the best ongoing research and innovation related to deep sea offshore wind farms, both bottom-fixed and floating. Omar had the chance to present his ongoing piece of work titled “Semi-submersible floating offshore wind and green hydrogen: Electrolyser synchronization”. This comes as the second piece of his PhD work within STEP4WIND on coupling floating offshore wind with green hydrogen production and transportation. The aim of this research is to introduce a novel control system for a fully synchronized hydrogen production facility with an off-grid floating offshore wind output, integrated on the turbine’s deck.

Omar Ibrahim
PhD student (ESR10)

green hydrogen production, energy storage