European Academy for Wind Energy

The EAWE is the main scientific society in wind energy research in the world. The Academy currently has over 40 members from 15 countries, including most major universities and research institutes with significant activities in this field. Its mission is to advance the science of wind energy and to foster the education in its relevant disciplines. Thus, it organises some of the main scientific events in wind energy, namely “The Science of Making Torque from Wind? and the “Wind Energy Science Conference", in addition to a number of thematic workshops. It places a special attention to the education of young researchers, and it annually organises the “PhD Seminar onWind Energy in Europe", a dedicated scientific conference and networking event specifically aimed at young professionals. In 2015 EAWE launched Wind Energy Science, a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal for fast and open-access publication of top quality research articles in all fields of wind energy.

Axelle Viré
Associate Professor, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator, expert in computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interactions